Dec 23, 2013

Progress and Merry Christmas

    As a 6 year old, Chloe is drinking in so much information right now.  She is like a sponge, constantly asking questions and learning.  As a kindergartner, Chloe is beginning to read.  She finds her sight words everywhere and I'm constantly hearing, "Mommy what does this spell?" or "how do you spell..."  I am predicting that books will be her constant companion in the very near future.  Chloe has always had a hunger for information and once she's able to get it on her own, she will want to drink it in.
    I have been giving Chloe piano lessons over the past few months and she loves to sit down at the piano and play.  She is still in the very early stages, learning to count the rhythms and play the most simple songs.  She hasn't learned to read the music yet.  One day Chloe said, "Mommy can I show you something?"  This is what she played:

To my surprise, Chloe had figured out the melody to The First Noel by ear on her own from listening to her sisters play.

    I'm excited to share some great test result we've gotten on Chloe.  After 2 yrs of  neurofeedback training as part of Chloe's attachment and post traumatic stress therapy, we are seeing real changes in her brain function.  Portions of her brain that were not functioning properly as a result of her early trauma are showing significant improvement.  It's great to have test results that back up what we have seen in her anxiety, sleep and anger levels.  If you'd like more information to see if  neurofeedback may help your child please follow this link:

Merry Christmas!