Jan 27, 2011

New Year Changes

    You are looking at the big new change for our household.  I am now officially a homeschooling mom to a 6th grader.  She began with Connections Academy, an online academy, last week.  It's been a bumpy few days, but we are thankfully beginning to settle in.  This was a very specific calling from the Lord for us, so we will follow Him over the bumps and still be assured it was the right choice.  God's ways are so much higher than our minds can understand and it is so tempting when things look different than anticipated to doubt.
Ready to dive into their first gift.
I think 3 is just about the best age at Christmas time.
Chloe intently watched and sang along as Uncle Craig played Christmas carols.
One of the older girls got a pinball machine, but guess who has figured out how to play?  That is actually her score.
If you look at the clock on the wall, we celebrated New Years a little early with Chloe and sent her off to bed.
Snow Bunnies - Chloe begs to go out and play in the snow.