Jul 21, 2010

My Daddy!

     I haven't spoken very much about Chloe's relationship to her dad, because it's normal for an attachment kid to attach to their new mom first and then once that relationship is established, to move on to Dad attachment.  It's the same pattern a newborn would follow.  Chloe's relationship with Greg has been a rocky one.  Though we've seen great strides in her behavior and attachment to me, she has kept her dad at arms length.  She tolerates him because she has too, but Greg has put up with a lot of rejection from Chloe.  Since our last therapy session 2 wks ago, Chloe has made great strides and truly has been the happiest, sweetest, girl we have seen yet. 
     The girls and I spent 4 days at a basketball tournament this week and Greg had to work.  When we arrived home, she gave him an amazing reception.  Chloe hugged his neck and said, "I missed you Daddy!  I love you!" for the first time showing spontaneous affection to him.
     Times of hardship help us to appreciate small blessings and we thank God for the continued healing of Chloe's heart.

Jul 11, 2010

Indians Game and Summer Fun

We took Chloe to her first baseball game last week.
She loved cheering for the team and eating peanuts.
Peanuts only held her attention for so long and Chloe ended up watching Dora the Explorer on my ipod.
She tuckered out by about the 8th inning, but woke up to watch the fireworks from the car.
Summer brings lots of fun foods.  Chloe loved the taste of corn on the cob, but promptly declared it too messy.
Chloe has really enjoyed having her sisters home from school.  It's amazing to see the ways they can come up with to pretend.