Sep 10, 2012

Turning 5, Preschool, and Neurofeedback Miracles

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and springkles was Chloe's request for her 5th Birthday
I had to laugh about Chloe's gifts.  As a 5 year old, she got a used ipod nano and a battery.  There was a reason for both however.  Chloe loves to listen to music as an escape when she gets overwhelmed with sensory input, so we bought her sister's ipod she was no longer using for Chloe.  Also, we still have a Barbie jeep from our older girls.  The battery was no longer working, so we purchased a new one for Chloe's birthday and now she can drive it too.

The day before Chloe's 5th birthday she learned to ride her bike without training wheels.

Chloe one request for her birthday was to go camping.  She has been asking about it for months.  Her new bike riding skills provided hours of entertainment.

We opted to enroll Chloe in a 2 full day a week preschool, because she qualified for an Individual Education Plan for her social/emotional struggles.  Technically, Chloe beat the Kindergarten cut off by 3 days, but we'll wait until next year.  You can see by the look on her face that she was one scared little girl that first day.  Thankfully it has gone better than we expected.

This smiling girl is "new" to our family thanks to a new protocol for her neurofeedback treatment.  I have posted before about this brainwave treatment that helps Chloe with her anxiety.  Recently, her therapist changed the treatment and we have a different girl on our hands.  She is smiling, kind and loving.  I hear "I love you Mommy" regularly and she chooses acts kindness towards her sisters.  After the first treatment, we saw this dramatic change and I wanted to pinch myself.  It's been a very angry summer for Chloe and it is a wonderful reprieve for our family.  I would highly recommend neurofeedback for any families struggling with attachment disorders.  For more information: