Apr 13, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day!

It was exactly one year ago today that our beautiful Chloe was placed in our arms. We celebrated with family this weekend and Chloe thought it was great fun to dig into her cake. I created an adoption story book for Chloe as a gift to her for Gotcha Day. You can page through it in the post below. If you'd like to relive our trip with us, just go to the April 2008 Archive on the right and follow what we were doing last year this time. Chloe is making a lot of great social strides. We spent time this Easter with family and Chloe actually allowed others to hold her. This pretty much a first outside of our immediate family. Here she is with her uncle, Tim.

I've included a few pictures from our vacation in TN 2 weeks ago. To our surprise, Chloe did really well and seemed to love having the whole family together.

The typical scene, as we drove, in the back of our Suburban.We took our babysitter with us on the trip to give Chloe some 24/7 exposure to her. She was a great help. Chloe stayed with her for the 1st time in 6 months, the week after we got home. Praise the Lord!

Chloe absolutely loved swimming, but aren't these inter tubes supposed to be baby proof? Chloe figured out how to climb out of it.
Chloe's sisters got to go on an alpine slide, but at least Chloe got to pretend she was riding.

Chloe's first mini-golf experience.

Nothing like hot Krispy Kreme donuts with your family.

Shared photo book from Elaine:

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