Feb 9, 2010

Snow Days and Normal 2's

We woke up Sat. morning in Ohio with 14" of snow on the ground.  Everything had pretty much come to a stand still.  It was the most snow we have had at one time in at least 20 years.  Definitely one for the record books.

Our family had reservations at a local hotel to spend the night on Sat. and go swimming, but as we started digging threw all the snow just to get to the car, we had our doubts of getting out at all.  There was a truck with a blade 3 miles away at work waiting to be used, but we couldn't get out the driveway with our 4-wheel drive.

We all gave a big cheer when Uncle Bob came to our rescue after about an hour of digging by hand.

All 4 girls had a great time climbing the 5ft. pile of snow cleared from our driveway.
Of course, sledding was a must.  Chloe loved to ride on an inner tube behind the 4 wheeler with her big sister.
Chloe really likes puzzles.  So when our family was putting together a big one, she thought she should be able to put some pieces together too.

    We are greatful that Chloe continues to make progress.  She has moments of sleeping better, only waking a few times a night.  Also, in talking with Arleta at her last therapy session, we discovered that Chloe was actually displaying some normal "terrible 2's."  It took me a few moments to digest what had just been said.  I think I had given up hope to hear that Chloe's issues were just normal for her age.  She has come such a long way recently.  You may remember us talking about Chloe's cry sounding like that of an infant, even though she was 2 years old.  This was an indicator of her emotional age verses her chronological age.  Last week we heard a new cry.  A cry that sounded like a toddler.
    As I reflect on what this adoption journey has been for our family, not only have we been blessed with a beautiful new daughter.  But God has seen fit to bring change in each member of our family through Chloe.  We have found a new treatment for ADD through Chloe's therapist for our oldest daughter.  A gift that will truly be life-changing for her.  For each of the rest of us, the stressful transition has brought many hidden issues to light.  As painful as forced change can be, we will all be better for it.  Thanks to our Chloe!