Oct 19, 2010

Fall Changes

     It been a long time since my last post, so I'll try to get you caught up on the Beach family today.  With school going, I have truly become a "soccer mom" again, transporting and cheering.  Homework has taken it's toll on family time and added much stress.  We have struggled with one of our girls in the public school system, so that has taken a lot of our time and attention.  So much of this blog has focused on Miss Chloe and her transition to attachment in our family.  The reality is, she is but 1 of my 4 beautiful daughters.
We celebrated my 40th birthday (don't worry, no tears were shed) at the Millennium Theater in Lancaster, PA last weekend.  The story of Joseph was amazing and inspiring.
Tom Sharpes, a friend of Greg's from college, has been acting at the theater since 1994.  He played Jacob, Joseph's father in the show.  We had the special privilege of going back stage and talking to him for a few minutes between shows.
Sunday, we stopped in Hershey, PA on our way home and got our chocolate fix.  The girls enjoyed the tour of how chocolate is made.
 Unfortunately, this little angry face below has become all too common right now. 
  Regression has officially hit as a result of Chloe move out of our bedroom.  She had been doing so well, but we knew it was a little too good to be true.  It was obvious that regression would come and we saw little hints of it.  Now it has arrived with all it's vengeance.  Chloe is angry and disobedient.  She is kicking and hitting her sisters again, throwing fits, crying like an infant, and struggling to control her emotions.  Even Chloe's language has regressed.  It is difficult to understand her again and her speaking is back to that "sing-songy" Asian feel.  Chloe's sleep is very restless.  Her therapist said her brain still thinks it's in the orphanage at night when she is alone in her bed.  We hear her talking in her sleep and crying out.  Sometimes she will kick and thrash around.  Last Thurs., she called out and thrashed around 6 times between 12:30 and 3:00am.  The lack of sleep isn't helping my ability to cope with it either.  Thank the Lord this regression is only temporary and that there is a sweet, happy little girl under all of that trauma.  I can't wait to see her again.
    If any of you are struggling with attachment or behavioral issues and could use a listening ear, please feel free to email me directly:  thebeachfamily@cs.com

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."  Matt. 11:28