Sep 13, 2010

The Last Big Hurdle

     This day has been a long-time coming!  After 2 1/2yrs., I am thrilled to say that Chloe has moved to her own bed out of our room.  Saturday night was her first night sleeping upstairs in her sister's room and she did great.  We are seeing the expected daytime regression.  I asked Chloe how she liked sleeping upstairs and she said, "I don't like it.  I need my mommy."  Up to this point, she has been able to just open her eyes at night and be assured that I have not abandoned her.  It takes a lot a trust to believe I will still be there if she can't see me.  Thankfully, she has recently recovered pretty quickly from regressions and this is the last big hurdle we had to face in her healing.
This beautiful butterfly came out of its chrysalis today and Chloe had fun holding it while its wings dried.
I just had to take this picture.  Chloe is giving her constant companion, Toby a ride in the back of her car.
Chloe had a chance to help her great grandma celebrate her 86th birthday this month.

     As I look back over the passed year of therapy, I am reminded just how far Chloe has come.  We started with a 2 yr old who wasn't sleeping, couldn't leave my side, was biting, hitting and screaming, had no emotional regulation, lived as independently as possible, and kept her loving, forever family at arms length out of fear.
Here's a link to a post at the beginning of our attachment journey:

Thank you Lord for your healing touch in our lives!