Feb 21, 2011

Daddy's Birthday

We helped Greg celebrate his 40th birthday.

Chloe loves to imitate her sisters.  Here she is dressed in her sisters tank top, t-shirt, and basketball shorts.  She thought she was such big stuff.

We have a new addition to our living room.  Chloe is always jumping off things (coffee table, cupboards, chairs, etc), so this mini trampoline is being put to good use on these cold days of winter.

Feb 8, 2011

Sunday School Milestone

     This worried little face is one we have gotten accustomed to.  Chloe has made lots of strides in her emotional development, but being away from mom has continued to be a struggle.  We recently started attending a new, large church and Chloe's therapist encouraged us to have her try Sunday School.  Remember, this is the same little girl who still won't go upstairs to her bedroom without someone with her.  Just talking about Sunday School in therapy with Chloe made her anxious.  Well, 2 wks ago we took her to class for only 10 min. then came back and got her.  She had a good time, but was glad to see us.  This passed week, before we ever left for church she talked about how excited she was for Sunday School class.   When Greg took her to class, she turned and looked at him as if to say, "what are you still doing here?"  The best medicine for most separation anxiety is just to let them cry it out and they'll figure out your coming back, but the stakes are different with a child who has been abandoned.  We have worked really hard to gain Chloe's trust and teach her object permanence (even though you can't see me I am still here).  So you can understand why this is such a milestone for us. 
   On a separate note, we would appreciate your prayers about getting state funding approval for a home neuro feedback computer.  Chloe has been getting special brain wave treatments for about 6 mon. as part of her therapy.  It has helped to lower her anxiety level and she is sleeping easier.  However, since we live nearly 2 hours from therapy, she can only get treatments every 2wks.  Some kids have them 3 times a wk.  The more treatments, the quicker the success rate.  I would be able to do these treatment at home under the supervision of Chloe's therapist, however the system costs over $5000.  We are applying this week for special funding from Ohio to cover our expense.  It was be a real blessing.