Aug 26, 2008

Where Did She Go Now?

This week's theme is where might Chloe be now? She has gotten to be quite adventurous at home with her speed crawling. The other day I was making one of the girl's beds and looked around to find her - she was no where to be found. I found her under the bed. She had ducked her head and crawled right underneath.Sunday afternoon the girls were playing on the Slip n Slide to beat the heat. Chloe and I were watching them, but she promptly decided she was not going to stay on the sidelines anymore, crawled right over to it, and took a drink. Chloe has discovered how to let her buddy, Nilla, the dog out of her cage and she does it regularly.

The girls were playing with their play grocery cart and Chloe thought the ride was great fun.

I think Chloe got to eat more cake than Daddy.

Aug 20, 2008

Back to the School Routine

Today was the first day of school for our older girls. Things can get a little chaotic trying to make the bus, especially when Chloe gets up at 6:30am. Hopefully that won't be happening regularly. I can't get over the change in Chloe just since the girls were in school in the Spring. I always had to wake Chloe up, give her a bottle, and head for the bus with her wrapped in a blanket. Now she's a active 1 year old with a mind of her own. Things can change so quickly.

Everyone had fun on a wagon ride at Grandma's on Saturday.

Chloe absolutely loved our trip to the water park yesterday. There was a gradual slope into the water, so she had a blast crawling around in a couple inches of water, playing in the fountains, and drinking her fair share.
Please keep us in your prayers. Chloe is having a very difficult time sleeping right now. There have been more than 1 night that I've seen every hour on the clock. Sometimes she's awake for more than an hour at a time. She is exhausted and so are we. We don't really know why she is so restless or what is bothering her at night. Teeth are an issue, but medicine doesn't seem to make any difference. We miss our happy, smiling baby and we'd like to have her back again.

Aug 13, 2008

Could We Have Another Tooth Please?

Chloe has been going through a terrible bought with teething in the last few weeks. She got her first top tooth over the weekend, but looks to have several more to go before there is relief. Between her first immunization last week and teething, it's been kind of a cranky week. I think it's been contagious to Mommy too :) Chloe has taken to chewing on celery for a teether and can often been seen crawling around the house with a piece of celery hanging out of her mouth.
Chloe discovered how fun it is to be pushed around the house on her car last night. We pulled it out hoping she would learn to take steps behind it, but her sisters were very happy to play chaffer.Chloe was sitting on our front step watching Daddy and Nilla the dog.

Our crew of sleeping girls watching morning cartoons.