Mar 11, 2010

A New Look

Just had to do a quick post with pictures of Chloe and her new haircut.  She just can't understand why I can't do pig tails anymore:)

Mar 9, 2010

Making Progress

     Much of the month of February was spent at basketball tournaments and in the snow.  We are enjoying sunshine and nearly 60 degrees in Ohio.  What an encouraging change!  Chloe loved being out in the snow, but I'm not missing driving on those slippery roads to therapy.  Our second daughter was diagnosed with migrains and ADD within the past 2 months, so she has now also begun neurofeedback with Arleta, Chloe's therapist.  That makes a total 3 kids now seeing the therapist every 2 weeks.  The neurofeedback is really beginning to work well for our oldest's ADD and we have high hopes for our second also. 

     Greg had a business trip for a few days in Feb. and I spent a weekend at a youth camp with our oldest.  Chloe weathered the absences remarkably well.  I thought it may send Chloe into regression again, but my absence actually strengthened her relationship with Greg.  When I came home, she sang the "Mommy's Always Come Back" song from our adoption cd. 
    The next step with Chloe is to move her bed several feet from our bed so she can't touch me at night.  Chloe still likes to hold my hand when she wakes up at night.  We hope to move her today or tomorrow.  Her anger is still increased and she seems more intense and short with her sisters.  These are all side effects of her sleep changes.  She feels insecure and "rejected" because she can't sleep with us anymore.  It just all takes time and sleeping independantly will eventually take Chloe to a final place of attachment security.  This is the last big hurdle. 
     As a side note, Chloe begins speech therapy tomorrow.  Arleta has been recommending it for about 9 months, but the need was finally recognized by our Help Me Grow rep and we are now able to move forward with it.  Chloe, although she is speaking a ton, is very difficult to understand.  She has a Chinese accent and speaks with a very sing-songy style.  We were doing pretty well understanding her, but her vocabulary has increased so dramatically that we just can't keep up with what she might say.  I'll try to give you some more information about early influences on speech development next time.  God bless!