May 25, 2010

Another Bed Change Commotion

We are remodeling at our house and Chloe got in the action to help scrape wallpaper off the walls.
     Once again the on-going saga of moving Chloe further from our bed has caused quite a commotion.  She is still sleeping in our room, but she can't see us.  Night time has been quiet, but Chloe has shown her disapproval during the day.  She is as contrary as possible.  Everything Chloe knows she is not supposed to do has appeared.  In this regression, however, the screaming and biting has not come back like it did last time.  This falls right in line with the premise that she will regress, but each time not regress as far, come out of it more quickly, and move further ahead once she has come through.  So even in this regression, we see "progress."  Please continue to pray for our sanity.  It's hard to make your kids take "medicine" they need when it makes them grouchy all day.
Chloe is still playing with our 4 kittens.  She has become so attached to them and they have become very calm kittties.  This one is just watching her play DS.

May 10, 2010

Play & Pretend Time

This time I just wanted to post some "regular" playtime pictures of Chloe.  It's so much fun to see how her little mind works now that she's pretending.

Chloe is showing off her huge stack of duplos.  She had to get a stool to reach the top.
We had 4 kittens born in our garage the day before Easter and Chloe has been mothering them daily.
We thought this would be a good place for Chloe to hang out - dare devil that she is.
Last night the girls were playing hair salon and Chloe got "hilites" from her sisters.
We had a great day with Alexandria's family from Pittsburgh.  She and Chloe had cribs next to each other in the orphanage and are still buddies.
One of the girls was sick last week and had a nest on the couch.  Chloe thought this looked like a good idea and made one for herself too on the recliner.  She set it all up herself and layed down to play with her Leapster.

     It is a pleasure to share all these normal 2 yr old play ideas.  We don't take "normal" for granted.  I should however add, that there are still many peculiar things thrown in the mix also. One day I had heard the washing machine stop and when I went to put the towels in the dryer, I found Chloe pulling the towels out of the washer and putting them in the dryer.  She then proceeded to empty the lint from the dryer, close the door and turn it to the right setting.  It just makes me shake my head to think what all she notices.  Her lack of trust still motivates her to new levels of independence.  Now that she's older, it just appears in funny places.