Dec 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

Wishing your Family a Blessed Christmas

This Holiday Season, we pray that Christ is the center of all your celebrations.  He is truly the most precious gift ever given.

Dec 15, 2010

My Chinese Acrobat

     We always knew that Chloe had good balance, but this is a little ridiculous!  Yes those are roller blades on my 3 year old.  She and Greg were playing in the basement and the next thing I knew, here came Chloe with roller blades on.  She's been scooting around in the pink plastic Barbie ones with the training wheel, but this is a whole different ball game. Do you think we should purchase the Aflac Accident policy for next year?  With stitches and a dislocation this year, I wonder what next year might hold.
     Chloe has slowly but surely come out of regression.  I heard, "I love you, Mommy" for the first time again this week.  I didn't realize just how long it had been missing.  We are working on making her bedroom a fun place to be and giving Chloe some ownership of it.  Up to this point it was always just her sister's room that she was joining.  We put a sign on the door with her name on it, moved some books upstairs, and moved her clothes from our bathroom to her bedroom.  This all made Chloe quite angry and she still refuses to call it her bedroom.  Obviously, we still have some work to do.  She still sneaks into our bed at night when I'm sleeping too hard to notice.  Otherwise, I carry her back to her own bed typically twice a night.
   In other family news, if you know anyone interested a Bichon Frise, we are looking for a new home for our Nilla.  She is a 4 1/2yr old registered female that has been fixed, has all her shots, and is house trained.  She needs a new home, because we just don't give her the attention she deserves with our busy lives.  Having an inside dog is much like having another child and we just need to simplify.  Please feel free to email any questions to: