Nov 23, 2007

Hoping for January

22 Days
China has matched to Dec. 8, '05
We're counting down 'til Dec. 30, '05
In speaking with our agency (CCAI) this week, we were told to expect matches for our LID to come through in January. Even though last month was only 8 days, they still expect January to be our month. That makes us really excited! With the holidays in full swing, time will go so fast. We just need to make sure we're ready. After waiting so long and putting things off for fear of being disappointed, it's time to make the rest of our travel purchases, finish off our vaccinations, lock up plans to cover our jobs while we're gone, and finalize arrangements with those taking care of our girls. December matches are just around the corner. We'll be sure to post something soon after we hear the latest news.