Oct 27, 2008

Some Pictures of Chloe to Share

Just had to share a few special pictures. Thank you Laura for capturing the personality of our wiggly little girl.

Oct 3, 2008

Do you see slanted eyes?

I just had to begin this post with a comment Chloe's big sister made the other day. She said, "Mom, Chloe doesn't look very Chinese. Her eyes aren't as slanted as most Chinese girls." We just smiled and said, "I'm so glad that all you see is your little sister." A side benefit of international adoption - color blindness :)

Chloe's favorite foods right now are grapes, peas, and fruit loops. She's still quite an eater and growing like crazy. She's up to almost 21lbs. (10% in weight and 50% in height) I guess we'll let her just keep eating and eating.We went back to Oak Adoptive Health yesterday for a 6 month follow-up. Chloe has caught up developmentally and is doing really well. She seems to still have a lot of anxiety, probably her natural bent, but that will just take time to settle out. Everything looks really good. She had the standard retesting for HIV, Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis. They also rechecked her kidney function with the Chinese formula scare. We're so grateful to have connected with Oak Adoption Clinic at Akron Children's Hospital. They have been so helpful.

With all 3 older girls playing soccer, we've spent many evenings just like this, on a blanket playing with grass and clapping of the girls.