Jun 11, 2011

Summer Time

Summer time has arrived at our household and Chloe is so glad to have her sisters home again.
We got to spend a day at Kalahari Indoor Water Park.  The largest one in the US.
Chloe, water lover that she is, loved the wave pool and every slide she was allowed to go on.  Here she was waiting to catch a wave.

They had a great little kids play area with things to climb on and run through.  Chloe is coming out of her shell and even made friends with some of the life guards.
Chloe has waited for a very long time, but finally we have baby kittens at our house.  Anytime I wonder where Chloe is, I just need to look in the garage and I'll find her holding those kittens.  It's a great new summer toy :)

    Chloe continues to grow and change.  It's hard to believe she will be 4 next month.  She has been with our family for over 3 years and in therapy for nearly 2.  She is making good progress with her speech therapist and will begin occupational therapy for her sensory disorder soon.  We have signed her up for preschool in the fall and hope it will help with her continued separation anxiety.  I think she will love the learning once she is comfortable.  Sunday School has been the first separation hurdle as we continue to push and move her forward toward trust and independence. 
    Currently, Chloe is struggling with anger from her past abandonment.  It boils over on the rest of the family often.  Spreading the anger around her is a way to avoid dealing with the real issue.  We are all working with coping techniques in the mean time, but your prayers for her emotional healing would be greatly appreciated.  We are so grateful for the fantastic professional help we have received as we move Chloe toward emotional healing.  God has provided the time and finances each step of the way and I am in awe of His continued love, intervention and provision for her and all of us.