Aug 27, 2011

Family Therapy - Green Beans

     Last night we had arduous task of snipping green beans to freeze for the year.  It takes about a 1 1/2 bushels and it's never been a favorite of mine.  So, needless to say I was not looking forward to it.  It has been a crazy first week of school with a daughter in high school, Jr. high, elementary school, and preschool, not to mention 2 fall sports.  We really haven't hardly seen each other.  As it turned out, about 8pm last night we were all home sitting around the table snipping beans.  Green beans, single-handedly, provided us with the family together time we so badly needed.  Who knew one little vegetable could do all that?

Here are a few other summer highlights: 
We toured Churchill Down, home of the Kentucky Derby.  We took a back lot tour and had a great time exploring the museum.
Chloe in her jockey silks

We unexpectedly came across the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile on our trip to Nashville.  After that, each day we looked for an unexpected blessing, our "weinermobile" moment.

We spent a weekend with an adoptive family at the Opryland Hotel.  We hadn't seen our friends since China, so it was great fun to catch up.
Chloe and Ella became quick friends and their similar tendencies were uncanny.

We also had a special visit with Chloe's orphanage crib neighbor Alexandria.  She is the one person Chloe still seems to miss from the orphanage.  When they are together, you can just sense their special connection.  Chloe would like for her to live next door.