Feb 22, 2013

Snowy Days of Joy

     I have had great struggle with my blog host to get anything posted in the last few months.  I am happy to say the face you see above is one that we have been seeing often lately.  Chloe is growing and gaining weight which means her emotions are at a healthy state and we are seeing the evidence.  Our therapist told us a story of a teenage boy who had a breakthrough in therapy and grew 6" immediately following.  The emotional health of trauma kids from abandonment or other causes has a big impact their physical health too.
     Chloe is making strides in her development also.  She now loves to ask a ton of questions about everything, is constantly playing tricks on people, and enjoys coloring.  All of these fall into the 4-5 age developmental stage.  Chloe is 5 3/4.  This just once again demonstrates how much trauma has an effect on the brain.  Chloe as a 2 year old was stuck developmentally and still crying and displaying traits of a newborn.  Thankfully we have addressed the trauma early on and her development is almost caught up.