Sep 17, 2011

Preschool Blessings

  There was a real air of apprehension as I left for Chloe's first day of afternoon preschool.  We had been talking about it for a long time and Chloe always said she didn't want to go.  It would be the first time she was away from us for any extended time without her sisters.  At orientation she was very excited to see the fun, challenging toys that had been laid out to play, but I must say that my mouth was nearly hanging open when I left and there was no clinging and crying!  I even stood in the hall for a while to see if there was a delayed reaction, but there was nothing. When I went back to pick her up 2 1/2 hrs. later, she was sitting with the class on the floor and even answered a question. 
  Chloe sleeps with a picture of Greg and I beside her pillow each night so that if she wakes up she can look at the picture and know that we are here and haven't left her.  She has struggled in her big bed upstairs waking up feeling like she was back in the orphanage alone.  The picture seemed to resolve those feelings, so I sent a picture of us attached to a lanyard along with her to preschool for her to wear and look at anytime she was scared we wouldn't come back and get her.  I'm not sure what did the trick, but I'm certain the fervent prayers that were being offered on her behalf that day by so many played a huge roll. 
  So we consider ourselves very blessed to be able to share this milestone with you.  Chloe seems to genuinely enjoy preschool and we rejoice that we can celebrate this step forward in her trust and security.