Mar 25, 2009

A Visit With Audrey

We had a great day today visiting with Audrey's family. It was such fun to finally meet them in person and see if our suspicions could possibly be true. Today only confirmed that these 2 could quite possibly by sisters. We had a chance to look at a lot of pictures of Audrey at Chloe's age and the resemblance just continued to be evident. The age difference made it difficult to compare the two side-by-side today, but their personalities seem very similar. There were many things about Chloe that reminded Michelle of a young Audrey. I just kept thinking, "can this possibly be true?" Here are a few pictures of the girls together. We'd love to hear your opinion. What do you think?
Audrey, Elaine and Chloe looking at photos of Audrey as a baby.

Audrey with her mom Michelle, brother Lei, and sister Rachel
We'll keep you posted on any new developments as we continue to pursue this relationship with the Hanna family.

Mar 17, 2009

Could There Be a Sister?

I have waited a long time to tell this story, because we were just watching to see how things would develop. Shortly before we traveled last year to pick up Chloe, we got an email from a family in TN. They had adopted their little girl, now age 5, from Chloe's orphanage and they wrote to ask if we saw the similarities in our daughters. They had seen Chloe's referral photos on a yahoo group from Chloe's orphanage. (The same group that connected us to Chloe's orphanage "sister" Jazmyne.) Audrey and Chloe both have very distinctive features and the similarities are striking. Audrey's parents had never seen another Chinese child that looked like their little girl. We have been watching over the last year and the similarities just continue to develop. We're going to travel to TN for Spring Break and meet up with Audrey and her family. Hopefully, putting these girls together will give us some clarity and Audrey's mom will be able to recognize if their similarities go beyond their appearance.

Could it be possible that God has not only provided us with Chloe's orphanage "sister" in Jazmyne, but also connected us with a biological sister? He is in the miracle working business. Please pray for our wisdom and that the DNA testing that will probably be to come, will give us some answers.

So what do you think? Are we looking at sisters? The picture above is of Audrey just before she was adopted from the orphanage and the pictures below are also all pictures of Audrey.
Audrey at age 5

If you'd like to read more about Audrey, here is a link to their family blog: There is a video in the right column of Audrey's adoption trip that shows a lot of pictures of her at a young age.

Mar 12, 2009

All Tuckered Out

This is what Chloe looks like after a Sunday morning at church. She's so tired from missing her morning nap that she sometimes falls asleep eating lunch.
It's been a big week of first this week. Chloe got another tooth, that would be #12. It'd be great to be done with teething soon. She is really starting to get this talking thing down. Yesterday, she was asking where her sister was and she put together her name, school and bye bye. She was practicing saying 'Ni hao' today (Chinese for hi). Also, Chloe stayed with a babysitter for the first time since Sept. this week. Up to this point, she has had really severe separation anxiety issues and has not been secure enough to be away from either Greg & myself without days of recovery. It has made it very challenging to have her with us 24/7 for nearly a year. This week though Chloe started showing affection to Marlene, who cleans at our house weekly and babysits sometimes too. This is nearly the first time this has happened to anyone outside of our immediate family. Chloe doesn't allow hardly anyone to even hold her other than us, so this was a really big step. We've been working with an adoption psychologist, who said it's just a matter of time, so hopefully this is the turning point we've been waiting for.

Chloe loves to do what her big sisters are doing!

Mar 4, 2009

Happy Referral Day

Today, it's been exactly 1 year since we were matched with Chloe. We got the phone call from our agency with Chloe's information at 11:15am and this is the first photo we got to see of her.The video camera was set up and we got the conference call on tape. It was fun to watch it again a few nights ago and relive all those emotions again.She's come a long way in a year's time and it's hard to imagine our family without her.