Jun 10, 2012

Independent Education Plan (IEP)

     Chloe recently graduated from preschool and will be moving on to 2 day a week all day preschool next year. Being away from home by herself was a big milestone for Chloe, so we truly celebrate the progress that has been made this past year.
     Chloe qualified for an IEP for preschool next year.  This means she will have a specialized learning plan to help her work through some of her social/emotional disabilities.  Chloe's struggles with seperation anxiety, perfectionism, and change.  The preschool she will be attend has a mixture of typical and non-typical kids.  Because of her IEP, she qualifies to attend for free and can ride the bus to school.  What a blessing! 
    As a parent, I have to admit that I have had to work through a mixture of feeling about Chloe's IEP.  I am grateful for the extra help she will be receiving and certaining the financial benefit of her qualification.  However, like every parent, I am concerned about the stigma that she may have to live with as "special needs."  But the truth is that everyday Chloe looks in the mirror she knows she is "different."  I pray that we can instill confidence in how beautifully God has made her to stand up under the weight of those diffences everyday.
    Unfortunately, this is been Chloe's face much of the last couple of months.  It has been a struggle with regression, anger and insecurity again.  Looking back, we realize it began when she watched a video from her Gotcha Day in China and our celebration of Gotcha Day in April.  The reality of seeing the adoption in "living color" brought about some more strong emotions and we are still working through those.  Chloe still triggers very easily.
Chloe's favorite new activity is jumping rope.  I don't think I could jump rope at age 4, could you?
Chloe loves our new litter of kittens.  It's like having 5 extra playmates.
Chloe loves to help like her big sisters.  She boxed up 25 quart worth of strawberries to freeze last week.