Jul 10, 2007

46 days
China has matched to Nov 14, '05
We're counting down 'til Dec 30, '05
(average matching is 7 days/mon.)

July Matches/Home Study Update

A new group of matches came through the end of last week, so there are many new families enjoying the first pictures of their new baby girls. China has matched about a week for both June and July. This takes them up to Nov 14, 2005. Our registration date is Dec. 30, 2005. I spoke with our agency today and they are predicting we'll have to wait until at least Dec. and possibly into early 2008. Once we're matched with a child, it will be about 5 weeks before we travel to China. As a family, we've had a great time of making memories already this summer. Even though we're terribly disappointed with the wait, we have managed to make the most of our last summer of 3 girls. Maybe it's time for me to learn to eat with chopsticks? We'll update you again as things change.

Home Study Update
We just found out this week that we're going to have to update our Home Study. It expires in Sept. '07 and since we won't have our baby by then, we will have to do an update. For those of you unfamiliar with the process, there is an extensive paper trail we must once again retrace, not to mention an additional $500 in expenses. Our home will have to be fire and safety inspected and the well water tested. We must be re fingerprinted and medical updates must be submitted for each member of our family. Although inconvenient, this wouldn't be that big a deal, except we're in process of remodeling our 2 bedrooms upstairs. All 3 of our girls are sleeping in the basement and their rooms are completely gutted. Needless to say, it will be a busy couple of weeks to get this all done under the wire. I guess we'll hurry up and then wait again.

Thanks for your prayers,