Aug 13, 2010

Home Again

The Smokey Mountains were a great, relaxing time of vacation.
We found a fantastic place to climb on the rocks.  There were huge boulders in a cold mountain stream.  Greg and the girls even found a natural slide carved into a rock to slide down.
Chloe turned 3 while we were gone.  We found a mini Dora cake to celebrate.

We spent an awesome day at Dollywood's Splash Country.  It's one of the top 10 water parks in the country.
Chloe loved this little water slide and went down by herself over and over again.
We got to spend a day with Audrey in Chattanooga.  She's the little girl that was adopted from Chloe's orphanage, Qian Jiang, that looks a lot like Chloe.  She is in the purple shirt above.
For those of you who don't remember their story, there is a link below with more details.

    Chloe did really well on vacation.  We thought maybe she would have trouble with regression, but things went really smoothly.  It was obvious when she was uncomfortable, but instead of just acting out, Chloe was able to tell us she was scared when asked and then we held her for a while.  Crowds were the biggest struggle.  It's a leftover from her abandonment sight that was a crowded public place.  The next step is moving her out of our room and upstairs to her sister's room.  We've juggle the other girls around and now that it's done, Chloe can begin napping in her new bed.  Unfortunately, she has already started acting out as a result of her fear and we've only talked about her sleeping somewhere else.  It promises to be a difficult transition, but thankfully this will be the last one.  Sept. will be 2 1/2yrs that she's been sleeping in our room.